Shilpgram Festival 2017 Schedule

Shilpgram Festival will be celebrated from December 21 to December 30. Special preparations have already started for the 10-day festivities at Shilgram, Udaipur. Local people are also excited to witness the event. The festival is organized every year to showcase craftsmanship to artisans who create craft in various spheres of the country and to provide an opportunity for the folk artists to exhibit art without any intermediary market.

In the celebration organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), New Delhi, Development Commissioner (Handloom), New Delhi, National Jute Board and Regional Cultural Centers, more than a thousand artists and craftsmen from different states of the country will participate. 600 folk artists from 18 states and 400 craftsmen from 21 states are going to be the participants of this years’ edition of Shilpgram Utsav.

Haat Bazaar will start from 12:00 pm in the day, where the craftsmen will display and endorse the artistic objects. Various will folk artists will exhibit their performances at different terrains of the Haat Bazaar.

At Banjara Theater from 2 to 4 p.m. daily from 22nd to 28th December, the visitors will get the stage for the art exhibition in the 'Hivda Ri Hook - Yani Dil Chahta Hai'. The cultural quiz will also be organized on this forum.

The art styles of 18 states will be showcased during the ten-day period. These include Bhoratal (Assam), Dediya (Uttar Pradesh), Bhapang (Rajasthan), Lai Harooba (Manipur), Nutua (West Bengal), Puja Kunitha (Karnataka), Rauf (Jammu and Kashmir), Chandi (Sikkim), Dang (Gujarat ), Rakesh Malkhham (Maharashtra), Hogagiri (Himachal Pradesh), Sket (Rajasthan), Laga (Rajasthan), Bowl Singing (West Bengal), Hors Modenai (Goa), Samai (Goa), Shanka Vaadan (Odisha), Sermouri Nati (Himachal Pradesh) (Tripura), Bihu (Assam), Pung Cholam, Stick, Thang-ta (Manipur). Others, including Bhangra (Punjab), Chapeli (Uttarakhand), Sambalpuri (Odisha), Siddi Dhamal (Gujarat), Veer Veeri Nityam (Puducherry), Dhali (West Bengal), Lavani (Maharashtra), Chary (Rajasthan).

First Timers: Natua (West Bengal), Bhortaal (Assam), Dediya (Uttar Pradesh), Puja Kunitha (Karnataka), Chandi (Sikkim), Veer Veerayi Natanam (Puducherry)

FREE ENTRY after 3 pm on December 21. Permit has been issues by the Transport Department on various routes in the city leading to Shilpgram. One way traffic arrangement will be available for people coming to Shilpgram during the festival. Four wheelers can enter from the extreme end, whereas two wheelers can enter from the Queen's Road.