Photos Shilpgram Utsav 2016

Shilpgram, literally meaning a “Craftsmen’s Village” is the Rural Arts and Crafts Complex situated 3kms west of Udaipur [Hawala Village] in the lap of Aravallis. This complex is set up in 70 acres of undulating land and is a living ethnographic museum depicting the enormous diversity, architecture and life styles of the folk and tribal people of the West Zone.

Every year Shilpgram festival is organized in the last week of December. The festival lasts for 10 days and aims at providing insights of traditional village life. Many craftsmen and artists participate from different parts of the country in this cultural and traditional fair. The beauty of this place is undoubtedly beyond exploration. To explore more, we suggest you to not to miss the fair and visit it as soon as possible.

शिल्पग्राम उत्सव 2016 का आयोजन 21 से 30 दिसंबर 2016 तक होगा | जिसमे में 21 राज्यों के 750 लोक कलाकार तथा देशभर से आए 960 शिल्पकार अपनी कला का प्रदर्शन करेंगे।

The 10-day mega event will include cultural and folk performances by 750 artists coming from 21 states across India. Along with the performances, 400 stalls will be set up by craftsmen and artists, showcasing art and identities of their states and culture.

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